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Our Sacha Snacks are handcrafted from ethical and sustainably grown Sacha Inchi, which we soak for two days amplifying the crunch factor. Then we air roast for three hours at low temperatures which protects the natural nutrients.  Share our passion for Sacha Inchi and give it a go, although we must warn, one bite and you’ll be hooked.

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The idea behind Elemento Foods remains the same since day one, to develop truly delicious snacks and food options that delivers the biggest nutritional punch at the same time as helping the very people that grow it. While we don't know much about other nuts and seeds we know Sacha quite well from harvesting, roasting and turning them into amazing snacks that you can enjoy.

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Derived from the Spanish translation of Element - which is the simplest substances on earth

Elemento foods is set up to create food options which are kept simple and focused on delivering the most nutrients to our bodies. "We believe that good wholesome food from sustainable sources should be accessible to everyone", we are on a mission to encourage people to continuously make healthy choices. We have searched the Andes to find the highest quality products that can give our bodies the right nutrients and sharing them with Aussie families to enjoy in a guilt-free convenient way. 

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