Sacha Inchi is a seed from a fruit which when roasted is a little bigger than a peanut and is a bigger hitter when it comes to the nutrients it is packing. With around 8.5 g of complete protein per 15g and a digestibility of 98% it is a must when it comes to plant based protein source.

If the protein wasn’t enough - this little gem contains the largest source of Omega 3 and 6 (with a balance of 1:1.3). So if you are looking for a little bit of boost to your cognitive function or like us wanting always wanting to ward of cognitive decline, then Sacha Inchi is great for you.

There are other benefits, like having a huge amount of Tryptophan (which is a precursor to Serotonin “the happy hormone”) and also provide a great source of Vitamin E, Iron and Calcium.

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Personally, I eat it for the protein and the omegas - these snacks give me a great hit of protein after the gym or in the mid afternoon to curb my hungry feelings and make it easy to make it to dinner.

Easiest and most common way, grab a handful when you need a protein pick-me-up. We also love chopping them up and sprinkling them onto a salad or soup. Having said that, there are new ways coming out each day and we love sharing them with you, so keep on reading our blog for inspiration and new ideas on how to eat this nature's gem.


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